سهیل صائمیان
Soheil Saemian
رشته تحصیلی : مهندسی عمران
تاریخ اخذ مدرک : 93/04/31
شماره ®PMP : 1731394
(Testimonial) نظر و توصیه شخصی :

To whom it may concern,

Finally after several months of tight study and struggle, I have been able to pass the examination and achieve PMP certificate. During this process, PMPiran played a significant role. 

Having Mr. Golparian and  Mr. Shaghaghi ‘s supports were definitely the most serious factor for me to pave this long and challenging path. Spending plenty of time on studding PMBOK and getting actively ready by answering  the PMPiran sample tests was the other advantage of working with this consulting institute. PMPiran ’s mock test was absolutely similar to the real test and it aided me to pass the exam. I appreciate your kind assistance and valuable supports.

صحت دارا بودن مدرک ®PMP هر فرد به صورت انلاین از طریق آدرس زیر قابل بررسی می باشد:
هم اکنون شما می توانید از طریق این لینک با وارد کردن مشخصات (نام و نام خانوادگی به زبان لاتین) به جستجوی مدرک افراد بپردازید.