مارک توماس وایس
Marc Thomas Weiss
رشته تحصیلی : مهندسی اقتصاد
تاریخ اخذ مدرک : 1388/04/09
شماره ®PMP : 1281632
(Testimonial) نظر و توصیه شخصی :

I was completely satisfied with the professional and extraordinary and support I’ve received from Pishro Modiriat Piran consulting during my preparation class «international Project Management Certification PMP».The specific training method lesson material and test preparation across the knowledge areas and the process groups helped me to improve and increase my project management knowledge substantially and to manage my project in a highly professional way to create more value for our customers. The combination of theoretical knowledge transfer joined with practical real situation examples, makes the training a must to get the spirit of modern, customer focused project management. Many thanks to Pishro Modiriat Piran Consulting

صحت دارا بودن مدرک ®PMP هر فرد به صورت انلاین از طریق آدرس زیر قابل بررسی می باشد:
هم اکنون شما می توانید از طریق این لینک با وارد کردن مشخصات (نام و نام خانوادگی به زبان لاتین) به جستجوی مدرک افراد بپردازید.