مرتضی حسینی نیا
Morteza Hosseini Nia
رشته تحصیلی : مهندسی برق
تاریخ اخذ مدرک : 93/05/02
شماره ®PMP : 1738904
(Testimonial) نظر و توصیه شخصی :

Hereby in below lines I want to share my experiences and outcomes in the path of getting PMP certificate for prospective students of PMPiran and for those who are choosing an institute for PMP. 

I can count three major important key factors which leaded me to this great achievement: First and the most important one was the support which I received from Mr.Shaghaghi and Mr. Golparian. The second one was my hard attempts and the last one was the superb education systems which was established by Mr.Shaghaghi. I think everyone can easily rely on the procedure PMPiran offer to become prepare for the exam.

صحت دارا بودن مدرک ®PMP هر فرد به صورت انلاین از طریق آدرس زیر قابل بررسی می باشد:
هم اکنون شما می توانید از طریق این لینک با وارد کردن مشخصات (نام و نام خانوادگی به زبان لاتین) به جستجوی مدرک افراد بپردازید.