A brief overview of PMPiran

Pishro Modiran Piran Consulting Engineering Company (PMPiran) was founded in February 2006 by a group of experts and senior experts in industrial, mechanical, civil, and telecommunication engineering with more than 25 years of experience in the field of implementation as well as project management leadership and consulting in Iran and abroad.

Based on faith in God and on the expertise, commitment, and efforts of our shareholders, managers, and employees, and believing that achieving the project’s goals requires the specialized knowledge of project management, PMPiran’s activities are planned as follows:

  • Professional project management consultancy
  • Training in project management with the latest knowledge

Fundamental Values of Pishro Modiran Piran Consulting Engineering Company (PMPiran)

At Pishro Modiran Piran Consulting Engineering Company (PMPiran), managers and employees take responsibility for their work and value honesty, fairness, and respect for others. Furthermore, we honor how we perform by embracing trust, embracing change, supporting teamwork and professionalism, and adhering to the following five general principles:

Effectiveness and efficiency

Sustainable Development



Teamwork and personal development

Customer Orientation

The mission of Pishro Modiran Piran Consulting Engineering Company (PMPiran):

  • Establishing a strategic relationship with employers and building a new, efficient, dynamic, and knowledge-based management structure
  • Using information management infrastructure in the implementation and management of various projects
  • Entering in consulting markets in new industries, including information and communication technology
  • Expansion of education and counseling network in different provinces
  • Presence in international markets, especially in the Middle East in the field of consulting and education
  • Using the most professional instructors, managers, and experts in the field of counseling and training
  • Using intelligent and virtual education systems
  • Upgrading the level of training and project management consulting in the country
  • Supporting various charities as part of our social responsibilities and serving the deprived of our country Iran
  • Establishment of the most prominent and high-quality academy of specialized education in the field of project management
  • Preparing professional project managers
  • Providing strategies and professional advice in the implementation of various projects
  • Provide a wide range of education products and consulting services under international standards
  • Strengthening the systematic relationship with prominent universities to enhance management knowledge in project implementation


Our Educational Partners

دانشگاه صنعتی شریف همکار آموزشی شرکت PMPiran
دانشگاه تهران از همکاران آموزشی PMPiran
دانشگاه خوارزمی از همکاران آموزشی شرکت PMPiran
دانشگاه علامه طباطبایی
شرکت مبین نت از همکاران آموزشی شرکت PMPiran
شیپور همکار آموزشی PMPiran
درسا همراه آموزشی PMPiran