Professional in Business Analysis Training and PBA Exam Preparation Course

The course's importance

Our professional in business analysis course is designed to prepare you for the PBA test and help you pass it. In the PBA course, participants will become familiar with the business analysis knowledge areas step-by-step and the tools and techniques used in every process.

Following each knowledge field, the simulator tests of the PBA exam are reviewed and discussed. PBA courses are designed to conform to standard requirements and provide up-to-date project management knowledge, and are also applicable.

The course features: 

  • 36 + 8 hours of a workshop in addition to solving tests, studies, and providing descriptive answers;
  • Providing printed materials and the possibility of recording class sessions
  • Continuous follow-up and comprehensive support from instructors until success on the PBA exam
  • Designing a study and testing program
  • Assessment of learners based on the results of simulated Mock tests

Once you have passed the exam and earned your PBA certificate, joining the Project Managers Club is a convenient way to renew your PDU certificate

Getting in touch with another business analyst will also allow you to share experiences and networking.

Course summary

Understanding of business analysis concepts
Recognition and managing the project's needs and requirements
Understanding the current situation, identifying the challenges and opportunities present in the organization, and achieving a suitable and effective solution
a case study as a starting point for the course and defining the concepts based on it to gain a better understanding
Designing an agile PBA course to accelerate the training and exam preparation process
Using simulated exam tests
Needs Assessment
Stakeholder Engagement
Requirement Elicitation
Requirement Analysis
Traceability and Monitoring
Solution Evaluation
Business experts and analysts
Project managers or construction managers
Product managers in organizations
Interested in becoming knowledgeable about assessing needs of organizations or product development
Interested in receiving the PMI-PBA international certificate
In the PBA period, chapter-by-chapter tests will be given
Testing of Ms. Rita Institute's educational supplementary books during PBA courses
More than 1500 isolated tests based on process groups in the PMtest test simulator.
Two series of 200 tests will be conducted (similar to the PMP test) for final approval.

candidates for the exam must meet the following requirements:

Bachelor's degree or higher holders:
Work experience of at least 4,500 hours plus 35 hours of business analysis training.
Diploma and post-diploma holders:
Work experience of at least 7,500 hours plus 35 hours of business analysis training.

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Course sessions

8 + 36 hours

Course duration


(One day a week)


PBA Preparation Course

(Contact hours 40)


International project management professional qualifications

Course level


Investing in courses

57.000.000 Rials

Course Instructors

Mehdi Moein PMP-PBA-PSM I


Qualifications: PMP-PBA-PSM I
  • Born in 1981
  • B.S in Industrial Engineering from Qazvin Azad University
  • M.Sc. in Business Management from University of Tehran
  • Project Management Institute Certified as a Project Management Professional
  • Professional Business Analysis (PBA) certificate from Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Certified as a Professional Scrum Master (PSM)
  • experience coaching specialized project management training courses in Iran
  • 15 years of work experience related to the project in Iran


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

candidates for the exam must meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher holders:

Work experience of at least 4,500 hours plus 35 hours of business analysis training.

  • Diploma and post-diploma holders:

Work experience of at least 7,500 hours plus 35 hours of business analysis training.

This course is designed for business analysis professional learning enthusiasts and those wanting professional and international certificates.

PBA certificate will allow individuals to find positions such as business analysts and product owners and increase their chances of advancement within their current position.

PMI presents 200 multiple choice questions on a monitor during the project management professional PBA exam, which takes four hours to complete.

The PMI-PBA certificate is one of the most important certifications in the field of business analysis and project management, which has quickly attracted the attention of experts in this field.

Organizations and projects increasingly rely on business analysis as a core competency. Upon receiving a PBA certificate, you will have the skills necessary to identify the problems and opportunities, propose a suitable and executive solution, and collaborate with a project manager to reach the desired result.

  • Preparing to take the PBA exam
  • Understanding of business analysis concepts
  • Recognition and managing the project’s needs and requirements

PMI-PBA Boot Camp (Reviewing tips for the PBA exam)

The course meets on Saturdays and Fridays for 16 hours (4 sessions of 4 hours each). We will be reviewing the test questions, test points, and keywords during these sessions, and these reviews will help us review the topics.
This period will require an investment of 20,000,000 Rials.

Course features:

  • 16 hours of consultation and troubleshooting in 4 days
  • Provide test booklet and test tips
  • Provide credible resources for further testing to participants
  • Review of PMI-PBA test tips
  • Complete preparation for PMI-PBA test
  • Provide personalized study program to participants

About the PBA exam

    PBA tests consist of 200 multiple choice questions over four hours. The UAE, Turkey, and Pakistan, and many other parts of the world administer this exam only via computer at designated PMI test centers.

    PMI Guide To Business Analysis is the primary source for the test. However, we suggest that those interested in taking it also read the other test sources listed below.

    دوره PBA - ازمون PBA

    Here are some references for taking the PBA test:

    • (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide
    • Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide
    • The PMI Guide to Business Analysis
    • Includes The Standard for Business Analysis
    • Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success
    • Business Analysis Techniques: 72 Essential Tools For Success
    • Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis
    • The Software Requirements Memory Jogger: A Pocket Guide to Help Software And Business Teams Develop And Manage Requirements
    • Unearthing Business Requirements: Elicitation Tools and Techniques
    • Customer-Centered Products: Creating Successful Products Through Smart Requirements Management
    • The Business Analyst’s Handbook
    • Mastering the Requirements Process: Getting Requirements Right
    • Data Modeling Essentials
    • Software Requirements 2

    Business analysis has become one of the essential elements of project management. Business Analytics experts are in demand, which will help you thrive and grow as new opportunities arise.

    One of the three leading causes of project failure is the incorrect collection of requirements. Research by PMI (in an article entitled Pulse of The Profession) found that only half companies have adequate resources for collecting requirements.

    دوره PBA و تحلیل کسب و کار

    By earning the PMI-PBA professional in business analysis certification, you will draw attention to your abilities as you work with stakeholders to gather requirements, shape project outputs, and achieve desired outcomes.

    Contact us if you would like more information about the professional in business analysis and PBA exam preparation course.

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